Accelerating your business growth through
Coaching | Connection | Sales

I am here to help you grow. I want to help you grow. 
Before we get to the how, what, why, where and when. 

We need to chat. We need to understand each other. Together we need to choose if we can work together.

What can I help you with? Very simply – Growth.
Your personal growth. Your Organisations growth. It’s my passion because it involves people and I love coaching people, connecting with people and I love sales

Three simple ways we can work together:


Let me help you get out of your own way. Running and growing a business is tough. Mindset is everything.

Do you find yourself too involved in the daily operation and not focused on long term strategy?

Let me help you find clarity.
"I didn’t really know Brian before meeting for our first coaching session within minutes I felt incredibly comfortable talking to him. His wealth of knowledge and experiences have helped me become much more confident in my role."

"Brian is a great guy to learn from and helped me to assess fully my actions in Managerial situations. This has enabled me to have a more considerate and candid approach to my leadership style and understanding of people in my teams."


I have a passion for people, learning about them, what makes them tick.

Decades of networking and genuine interest in people has built a powerful global network.

Together we will identify your business strategy.

Who you should be connected with, to help your business grow.

Creating synergy. Creating growth. Creating freedom.
"He is a consummate “joiner of dots” - be that between people, organisations or ideas. His network of businesses and business leaders is second to none."

"Brian is an expert in making business connections, starting conversations, and providing strategic direction. He is also one of the most connected and honourable people I have had the pleasure of meeting

"His vast number of connections and standing in the business community is testimony to his ability to nurture and develop relationships at all levels."


To grow your business you need to understand what you do. What your products or services offer. You need to sell them

The problems you solve. How this solution works financially when you provide it. You need to know who has that problem. Where they spend their time so you can engage with them and build relationships that last.
How you present the solution you have in a way that makes that prospect need it above and beyond any other.

And how you ensure they never look anywhere else for what you sell.

I will help you position your offer, identify and find your prospects and make them into your long term customers.

I help people. Simple as that.


I am a specialist in human connection and relationship development. I connect with people because I care about them and I want to help them solve their problems. I work with dynamic business leaders who want to unlock their full potential drawing on nearly 40 years of hard earned experience involving start-ups, corporates and the public sector.

Happiest in my beautiful home county of Norfolk, where I lead Engaging Norfolk a movement set up to raise the profile and employee engagement levels of Norfolk businesses.

I am an expert in sales and business development. A skill that must be refined and progressed to really succeed. I have worked across numerous sectors managing deals and contracts from the very small to the very large. It is never about a number, it is always about a need.

And I believe passionately that we are all born equipped to sell and then conditioned to feel negative about the process. 


I am an engaging and interactive speaker.  Working the room to ensure whatever the topic, everyone leaves feeling inspired and energised.

Experienced in hosting conferences, discussion panels and events across the UK.  Contact me if you would like to discuss how I can invigorate your event and have people walking out wishing they could walk back in again

"Brian was the key note speaker for our enterprise week at the College and delivered a fantastic talk to our degree students that I could tell had inspired them in the ways of business as they were talking about the seminar for days after."

"I first met Brian at an event where, as the main speaker, he talked about the impact on him of having had a business venture fail and the lessons he had learned from that. I was impressed then by his integrity, his resilience and his commitment to making choices to enable businesses to be viable and successful"

Accelerating your business growth through Coaching | Connection | Sales

Grow your sales, grow your business

Don’t assume what your organisation offers will sell itself. 
That users will be knocking your door down to buy things.That they will even know who you are and how you can help them. 

Like any skill, selling needs to be developed and you need to constantly refine your abilities. The intention needs to be decided and set as a strategy for growth inline with marketing so it succeeds or why bother.

You need to know your customers and where they are, how you relate to their biggest problems and how you solve them.

What difference your solution makes to them and how to get them buying it for ever.

Accelerating your business growth through Coaching | Connection | Sales

Accelerate your LinkedIn Presence

I am a prolific LinkedIn user. I love the platform and I am well connected using the platform to share content, engage in discussion and build trust. Then I create opportunities. If you don’t, we need to chat.

This is not a traditional LinkedIn training course. This is a short and bespoke course to help your team understand the psychology and motivation of users on LinkedIn. Your customers are on LinkedIn and if you are not talking to them then that’s about you and not the platform or them. 

It will help you define your purpose and how you want to be seen and decide who you want to engage with and why?

Helping them build their own personal brand. Linkedin for me is not a game, but this learning is a gamechanger. 

"Thanks for your time, commitment and insights yesterday Brian I know the day was enjoyed by all who attended."

"Looking forward to an amazing morning led by Brian Bush talking about LinkedIn and showcasing the psychology of our personalities. In the room we have representatives from all the local Barclays teams."

"I thought I knew about LinkedIn but Brian increased my knowledge hugely and especially the way this was linked directly to selling ourselves. A really enjoyable session"


Ready to grow

What have you really got to lose?